Braan Creative was asked to create engaging and valuable player profile pages by a start-up data company, in a proposal to Juventus (and other top-flight teams).




Bring fans closer to their heroes than ever before.

In an age of global superstars and fanbases, and 24/7 access to information, fans want to feel closer to their heroes more than ever. The content on these player profile pages is designed to bring the fan as close as possible to these stars, in the form of biographies, statistics, profiles and media content, whilst also acting as a marketing tool that aligns with the ‘digital-first’ and ‘lifestyle’ values of the Juventus brand.


Building on the content already available, the fan experience is enhanced with simple animations intended to give the impression of an up-to-date experience. A unique ‘lifestyle’ page allows the fans to get to know their heroes away from the pitch - magazine-style content is deliberately separate from football-based content and imagery in order to learn more about the player’s lifestyle, interests and background away outside of their profession.


Relevant statistics are tailored to the individual playing position of the player, and are initially presented at a top line level, which can be explored further to cater for the interests of the audience. Initially presented as the current season, these can be filtered to document the playing history of the player by season, Juve career or total career.


A full biography, videos, news and image galleries are pulled from around the site to complete the full profile of the player. 

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