Since 2016, the London Market Cyber Symposium has brought together London’s insurance and finance markets with some of the leading names in the cyber field. In 2017, the event featured talks from Tim Berners Lee, and expanded to Melbourne and Sydney.

Given the unprecedented growth and popularity of the event, the LMCS needed to reconsider it’s brand proposition and identity in order to allow for further evolution.




Unable to own the term 'Cyber Symposium", the event was renamed "CyPosium" in order to create an instantly recognisable, memorable name that allows for scalability, growth and consistency.

Following feedback from previous events, the values and proposition were also identified and informed a new strategic platform - to connect, inspire and engage, encouraging collaboration & insight, leading to a formidable network of industry specialists from various disciplines. 

In order to do this, a greater focus is placed on the event's social media channels, and all content from CyPosium events are to be featured in an open back-catalogue on the event website. A members area allows non-attendees the opportunity to watch the event live, and join in an online discussion.

The new strategic platform and identity was supported by a bright, vibrant colour palette and a unique brand pattern known as The Optic - a pattern inspired by the total internal refraction of a fibre-optic cable.

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