Enabling collaborative innovation

CFC Underwriting //  London Market Cyber Symposium rebrand
Since 2016, the London Market Cyber Symposium has brought together London’s insurance and finance markets with some of the leading names in the cyber field. In 2017, the event featured talks from Tim Berners Lee, and expanded to Melbourne and Sydney.
Given the unexpected growth and popularity of the event, the LMCS needed to reconsider it’s brand proposition, strategy and identity in order to allow for further evolution.

Brand positioning

A network of collaboration and insight

In order to create an authentic positioning for the LMCS, a SWAT analysis of the existing brand was undertaken via workshops and questionnaires with the founders, organisers and key supporters of the LMCS. With a better understanding of their experiences, impressions and vision of the brand, it was possible to establish values and create a platform that honoured past events, whilst providing a framework for the future.

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The Cyber Symposium should aspire to connect, inspire and engage: encouraging collaboration & insight amongst it’s audience, leading to a formidable network of industry leaders and specialists.


In order to build familiarity and trust with the audience, it was clear that the event would benefit from a clear, consistent name, flexible enough to accomodate various locations, dates and ‘hosts’.

Brand colours

With reference to traditional ‘cyber’ imagery, bright, vivid colours provide vibrant highlights against a deep blue that provides contrast & depth.
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Brand pattern

The Optic

Inspired by the total internal reflection of a fibre-optic cable, a bespoke and unique grid pattern was created to support the CyPosium brand. Known as The Optic, this pattern represents the sharing of information, dynamic networking, and the ever-expanding, limitless vision and effect of the CyPosium.

Bringing the brand to life

An entirely new  strategic user journey based on the sharing of content after each event, designed specifically to increase brand awareness and participation. This encouraged new audiences - beyond the initial invite-only attendees - to register to attend and/or host their own Cyposium events.
With the brand toolkit and design assets in place, the new visual identity was applied to the full user journey.