Strengthening the core

Chelsea Health Club // Campaign branding
Based in the heart of Westminster & Chelsea and widely regarded as London’s premier adults-only health club, Chelsea Health Club and Spa combines first-class facilities and service with space, style and a friendly relaxed atmosphere.
Previous offer-led campaigns had little cut through with the more affluent target audience and did not reflect the club's exclusive and luxury offering, and continued to connect mainly with the 35-65 demographic.
Under new management, the spring/summer 2017 campaign sought to attract younger ABC1 city professionals and early adopters.  

Campaign positioning

Me Time

Market research showed that most Chelsea Health Club members attended the gym on their own, and saw their gym time as a form of sanctuary away from work and responsibilities.
Building on this insight and the gym’s own USP of a relaxed and uncrowded environment, the campaign for the year was centered around “Me Time” - the idea that CHC is the perfect environment for gym-goers of all ages to escape and achieve their fitness goals and aspirations via the club’s first-class facilities and personnel.

Refreshing the identity

In a stark contrast to previous CHC campaigns, the creative was stripped-back and relied on a simple, vibrant colour palette and a single, simple campaign line and CTA. 
The new minimal identity projected a calm and assured tone of voice that successfully represented the club’s assertion as “London’s Premier Health Club”.
Due to a restrictive budget, a library of stock images were treated to showcase the benefits of the classes and facilities available, and emphasise the solitary benefits of the club.
The strategic platform was the hero message and USP across the campaign, and caught the eye via the use of bold, energetic typography at the centre of the creative.
Advertising and promotional assets were created using each of the images in the library, allowing marketeers to tailor the positioning of each of the ads to it’s audience, depending on age/gender/interest.


The campaign was deemed very successful on both an external and internal basis. 
Enquiries and sales from campaign creative increased by 7% compared to previous years, and led to an 18% increase in new joiners and a 4% increase in profits from membership sales.
Membership of the 18-34 demographic rose by 41%.
Traffic to the club website increased by 466% following the campaign launch, and a first Facebook campaign generated 8,003 clicks through to the site, with an overall reach of 186,752.