Into another Dimension

Adobe // Adobe Dimension 3.2 product feature
Having taken part in the 2020 edition of 36 Days of Type creating designs entirely in Adobe Dimension, the team at Adobe reached out to commission a series of pieces showcasing the programme's new live type and custom shape tools.
The artwork was featured alongside an artist interview which can be found here, and on the Adobe Design social media channels.



'Evolve' showcases the evolution of the programme and it's exciting new features, the word itself is created using several executions of the new live type feature, and is energetically exploding from amongst a series of shapes created using the new custom shape tool.


It's Good to Grow

At the centre of the article is my belief that as designers we should continue to challenge ourselves and our work to continue to progress. Whether that's learning new software or exploring new styles, it feels good to grow.


Custom shapes

The final composition focusses solely on the new custom shape and lighting tools.
The composition started life in plan view as a typical bauhaus style pattern that when realised in 3D began to take the form of a habitable structure.
The scene was rendered in three different lighting scenarios and brought together to create a day-night-day lighting animation.

Adobe Create

The artwork was featured alongside an artist profile on Adobe Create, found here.

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